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We build engaging clinical insight surveys. With a panel of over 1,000 active clinicians we have rapidly become the largest primary care survey provider in Ireland. Our panel has now also expanded into Secondary care. Gain feedback on brand awareness, perceived benefits of your product and the effectiveness of advertising & promotional campaigns


We are physicians who build surveys for physicians. Our panel of GPs and consultants will help you tailor questions go get the insight you need.


Each survey is bespoke. Our in-house development team will customise layout, graphics and decision tree logic to meet your needs.


With an active panel of over 1,000 physicians engaging in our surveys we can distribute by region or specialty on PC or any mobile device.


Maintaining user anonymity is of paramout importance to us. We will provide anonymised responses in whatever format is required


Our clinical insight team will collate responses, report and present results where required.


We pride ourselves in our user retention. GorillaSurvey should be fun and  easy to compete.

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Our Panel

Principal Partner: 1103
Assistant/Salaried GP: 119
Hospital Consultant: 46
GP Trainee: 45
Locum: 28
Other: 133

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